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Invisalign/ Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are a series of plastic trays that progressively move teeth in the desired location. Depending on the movements desired and the complexity of the case, the trays will be switched out weekly or biweekly. Attachments or “composite bumps” are bonded to some of the teeth to help with certain movements as needed.

For a successful result, it is very important to wear the aligners for up to 20-22 hours a day and only remove them when eating, drinking anything that is not water, or brushing your teeth. Although clear aligners have become very popular and are advertised often as take-home aligners or DIY ortho treatment, it is important to realize that aligners are simply plastic material, and a certified specialist, like an orthodontist, is needed to make sure the teeth are moved safely within the bone. Clear aligners are a great esthetic option over traditional braces. They are often found to be more comfortable and fewer office visits are needed for treatment completion!

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